GPRS is basic mobile Internet. It can be used on mobile phones or computers, but usually on mobile. Dialog has GPRS coverage all over Sri Lanka and it’s an effective way to do basic browsing, email, etc. For higher bandwidth applications, 3G is best.


In order to use GPRS you need a compatible phone and to have GPRS service activated. You can activate it by any one of the following methods :


Click here to visit the Portal to Activate GPRS & MMS Settings.


Type #107# and simply follow the instructions.


Type GPRS and send to 678.


Dial 0777678678 (Postpaid Hotline) or 0777123456 (Prepaid Hotline) and access the menu option “To access and activate services” and then select the sub option “To receive GPRS/MMS settings press 3” and thereafter confirm the request to receive the settings on your phone.

Manual settings

You can activate it by entering the settings yourself.

  1. Enter the Access Point Name (APN)
    Prepaid Customer: ppwap
    Postpaid Customer:
  2. Enter Session mode as Permanent with no user name and password
  3. Enter website as (separation should be full stop not comma)

GPRS settings vary from phone to phone. On a case by case basis you can add the following settings:

Case 1: Enter the Gateway IP as
Case 2: Enter the Proxy IP as and port 8080
Case 3: Enter the Gateway IP as and port 9201

Manufacturer Website

You can also get GPRS help from the manufacturer websites


GPRS rates will depend on your package. Usually there is no rental for this service, only usage charges. This applies to whenever you access GPRS, including downloading something, viewing a webpage or uploading information.

Click here for a list of GPRS Compatible Phone Models.

Applicable taxes to be added.